Getting My Stolen Wii Back

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Hello Everyone.

My Wii was stolen the other day. Just a week before my birthday! What a gift.

Anyway, I am determined to get the thing back because I am sure that it is close by (as close as next door even). I am looking to find out some technical details on IP addresses, email, etc. so that I can catch the jerk who stole it and I am wondering if the Appleinsider forums would be willing to educate me or help point me in the right direction.

I contacted the police and Nintendo concerning the issue. The police are 'looking into it' and Nintendo doesn't seem to be able to do anything at the moment. I inquired with Nintendo about their record keeping of IP addresses that would lead back to the specific unit. The rep had no idea if they even did but said that the local police would need to issue something demanding that they hand over the information (if it exists). If I can complete said paperwork, I certainly will. My next idea is to email my Wii. Now this is where the technical side is a bit hazy for me. If I email the Wii, will I be able to determine the IP address or must I get a reply to figure it out? In either case, how would I go about determining this? Does anyone know of any good sites for me to read up on this? Next, if I get the IP address of my machine, how far will that get me? I would think that the IP address would lead back to the ISP which in turn would be able to tell me the account holder/address. Is this possible? If I need to get a court order or whatever, that's not an issue.

So these are my ideas so far. Is there anything I am missing? Is there something more I can do?

Also, I am not looking for street vengeance here. Someone broke the law, took my property, and needs to understand the consequences of their poor decision making. I have let the suspected party know that if it is returned unharmed, no changes will be made. And if I do have to figure things out on my own, the local authorities will be notified at each step of the way.

Sorry for the long post, but I'm a little cranky. Any help/ideas are appreciated.



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    mydomydo Posts: 1,888member
    Depending on how much work the cops are willing to do then ... they can ask Nin' for the IP, then figure out which ISP has that IP, then ask the ISP for the account that had that IP on that date/time. SWAT teams busts out the window, in with the tear gas and your Wii is back in your hands two years after the trial.
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    Hopeless does come to mind.

    Oh well. No one is hurt, and that's what is important. Other than the fact that my little girl had to learn a very adult lesson about how trustworthy people can be. That hurts the most. I don't want her to have to grow up too quickly but something tells me this event just catapulted her a few years ahead of her age. Sad really.

    Well, if anyone else has any ideas, peaceful ideas (they are still my neighbors), I'd love to hear them.

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    shawnjshawnj Posts: 6,656member
    Police probably won't care to investigate.

    I've seen culprits leave footprints and fingerprints on vandalized cars and have them not do anything. I don't know what it takes to get them to care.
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    mydomydo Posts: 1,888member
    Donate money to the police charity and put the sticker on your car.
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