movie rentals straight to ipod touch/iphone?

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anyone know if there itunes wifi store ont he ipod touch/iphone will ever offer movie rentals??

i mean if u can download music straight to ur device than why not rent movies straight to ur device???? that would be so rad to not have to download AND transfer the rented movie to ur device. it would save tons of time and would really encourage more ppl to rent movies from itunes.


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    Wow, I feel like I've been transported to 4chan. /apple/ anyone?

    In regard to your other post, though, I doubt anyone outside of His Steveness knows when/if rentals will appear in the Wifi Store. It would be mighty useful, however.
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    I don't think so, I'm sure it would take to much time to download to the phone, plus it would probably slow the iPhone down while doing it
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