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I am currently looking for a laptop for college. I want it to last me quite a while so hardware maximization is important and that's why I'm waiting as long as I can to get a laptop for the fall semester. Right now I'm waiting to see if Apple will be updating (cosmetically) their Macbook line. I've heard this may occur over the summer but if it doesn't happen before the second week of August I will need to order any laptop that I can (and I will be mad because I know they will update it the week after I buy one haha). So that leaves me wondering, which laptop should I get? I am either looking at a Black Macbook (because I like the way it looks and it is matte which I think looks nicer) which will be $1399 with the educational discount or the lowest Macbook Pro model for $1799. (If Apple doesn't update the Macbook line) Do you think I should buy the Macbook Pro or the Black Macbook? I worry that the Macbook will become obsolete too quickly but I also don't want to spend more than I need to. Are the statistics about the same between the two minus the dedicated graphics card? Thanks for all of the help!



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    Oh and I want to say I'm going to be putting 4 gigs of RAM in both (from another company)
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