New PowerMac White, Metallic, or both?

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DO you think the New PowerMac case will be white (like the ibook), White and Metal (iPod and iMac) or Metallic (TiBook). It seems like metal might be the pro finish and white (excuse me, Ice) the consumer color. Titanium has more appeal for a laptop than a PowerMac (we don't lug our PMs around) and would seem to be too expensive to build a big tower case out of.

Or will the PM remain multi-hued grey plastic?

Any great theories?


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    marcukmarcuk Posts: 4,442member
    Titanium Powermac all the way...please.
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    Yes! Give us the Titanium!
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    kidredkidred Posts: 2,402member
    I would say titanium too. BUT, titanium won't match a white mouse and white keyboard.

    That being said I'm looking for white/metal like the iMac but hoping for more metal to white plastic ratio then the iMac. How's a metal front top etc with white sides and the apple logo in metal along with the metal handle on the other side. hhaaaaaoaoaoa, I want one!!
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