Epocrates & iPhone

in iPhone edited January 2014
Epocrates, Inc. was one of only five companies, including Salesforce.com, AOL, EA and Sega, to be highlighted by Steve Jobs during the iPhone Software Roadmap media briefing. Epocrates has already begun working directly with Apple to create a downloadable version of its clinical products that can be downloaded directly to the iPhone or iPod Touch.

Over 500,000 healthcare professionals (including one in four U.S. physicians) use Epocrates? software to support patient safety, such as checking for potential drug interactions and accurate dosing. Epocrates? applications can currently be downloaded to personal digital assistants or smartphones, including, Palm, Windows Mobile, BlackBerry devices, and as reported this morning, soon the iPhone and iPod touch.

Learn more at http://www.epocrates.com/.
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