Recommendation for Tray-less external port-multiplier enclosure??

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I was hoping that someone could provide a reference for a site that sells (or a company that makes) a 'tray-less' eSATA Serial ATA port-multiplier enclosure with 3, 4, or 5 bays?

I am essentially looking for an enclosure just like this one, except one that's tray-less and won't require a screwdriver to mount/unmount the drives from a hot-swappable tray every time I want to add/remove/change one...

This is something I have been searching for for a really long time without any success, so any recommendations would be greatly appreciated!



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    bentonbenton Posts: 161member
    Hope this link serves your purpose.
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    m021478m021478 Posts: 71member
    Nice! Thanks for the link!

    Out of curiosity, I don't suppose you have might know what the main differences (in terms of performance) one could expect when comparing the Port-Multiplier version of this enclosure, compared to the JBOD version?
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