Alternate program other than Garage band?

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Hello every one.

i have recived my new MBP and i have been playing around with garageband

and to be honest its not my favorit program.

Is there any others around on the web?

I wuld like the compose techno music on the program that is my primary use.

Thanks in advance.




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    An awesome medium alt. to the mega expensive and enormous hdd eating Logic Studio is Logic Express 8. I've got it on my MBP and am completely happy with it.

    At first it's intimidating (especially compared to Garageband) but after playing around w/ it and downloading the PDF manuals for the app at Apple's website you'll get used to it fairly quickly. It's a near perfect app for music creation, especially for hip hop (meh) and electornica (hell yeah).

    I got mine off Amazon for $189 and it was well worth it.
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    trick falltrick fall Posts: 1,271member
    You might want to check out Reason or Live.
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