How to change 'Home" icon

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I don't particularly like the icon that is used for my "Home" folder (the house). Is there a folder that shows optional icons that I could select?


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    yamayama Posts: 427member
    1) Select the home icon in the Finder

    2) Choose File > Get Info...

    3) Click on the icon in the info window

    4) Paste an image onto this and it becomes your new icon

    You can also copy other icons and paste them onto the home icon in this manner. Alternatively, you could use something like CandyBar to do all this for you.
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    clucasclucas Posts: 33member
    Thanks! Worked like a charm. But is there a folder that has various icons to choose from? Or I guess I can find them on the net.
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    yamayama Posts: 427member
    Have a look at The Iconfactory and InterfaceLIFT.
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