Transfer iPhone contacts, bookmarks and such to new iMac?

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My grandpa just got a new iMac and he is looking to me for help as I am ::normally:: Mac savvy. There is one thing I don't know how to do. Transfer iPhone Contacts and Bookmarks to his new iMac. Is is switching from an old PC computer and needs to move things from his iPhone. Is this possible?




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    mydomydo Posts: 1,888member
    He's going from a PC to a Mac? Is that right?

    I've never done that so maybe someone else can help.
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    What are you asking?

    How to migrate his data from a PC to a Mac


    How to migrate his data from the iPhone to a Mac?
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    Use iCloud to transfer contacts from iPhone to Mac:

    If your grandpa's iPhone contacts are stored in iCloud, and the Mac is logged in using the same iCloud address as your grandpa's iPhone, the iCloud contacts will appear in the Mac immediately (assuming he set System Preferences > iCloud > Contacts = "On").

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