Questions on a PowerMac G5 & video

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I recently bought a PMG5 from a local publisher, and I'm trying to find specific details about it.

There is a 2005 copyright on the main board, so I think it's a 2005 model. It is a 2GHz dual processor with four memory slots. I can't figure out if it's an early or late 2005, there's no date of manufacture anywhere that I can tell.

It has a GeForce 6800, I'm trying to find if both ports are dual link, or if it's just one. According to the serial number tag, it was sold included with the machine.

The sticker says it's PCI, but the physical slots are PCI-X-length. Is this normal for this model?

I didn't get any CDs, packaging or paperwork other than a bill of sale, so I don't have the exact model number, the model doesn't appear in or on the machine or the serial tag.

Can anyone knowledgeable about this please help?


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    jeffdmjeffdm Posts: 12,951member
    I finally found what I'm looking for.

    According to a downloaded manual from Apple, it appears that the 6800 was offered with Early 2005. The same manual says both DVI ports are dual-link. It does appear that the PCI slots are 64 bit / 33MHz slots rather than the typical 32 bit / 33MHz slots that I expected to find, and definitely not wired for 32/33 with a longer physical slot. I think all my questions were answered there.
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