Revisiting Apple's iPhone strategy

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A good article explaining why the iPhone may be hard to beat, even when Android hits the beaches.


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    Here is another stating how the new iPhone 2.0 will dominate the smart phone market. I think once this news gets to many enterprise consumers the game will be over.
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    Game over?

    If they think they are going to muscle in on Nokias share of the market they need another think. Apple are about profitability not mass market sales hence I dont see any iteration of iphone ruling the market unless Apple rethinks its pricing strategy.
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    SpamSandwichSpamSandwich Posts: 31,404member
    Check out the other thread I just started regarding the FCC wireless auction. No Google Wireless. Verizon and at&t were awarded the majority of spectrum...
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    Why is there no txt forwarding ability? Or no saving of txt as draft for later sending?
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    sapporobabysapporobaby Posts: 1,079member
    Originally Posted by superkamas View Post

    Why is there no txt forwarding ability? Or no saving of txt as draft for later sending?

    The Apple zealots will claim that this is a great feature to save you money or something ridiculous like this. Forwarding an SMS is a basic telephony feature. If your phone is jailbroken, use iSMS to do the work that Apple left out.
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    What about SMS delivery reports? What possible excuse can the zealots have for that ommision? Another balls up if you ask me.
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    sapporobabysapporobaby Posts: 1,079member
    In the old days when phones were not as advanced as the iPhone (sarcasm), on Nokia phones if you use *N# text here, it should give you the report by telling the SMS to send this back to you, but they no longer do this. I think iSMS will do this though. Have not tried it.
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