Well done Apple

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I've just bought my eighth 23-inch Apple Cinema HD Display, and that's now three in a row that I'm delighted with it ? hopefully the quality control issues that I experienced in the past, are a thing of the past.

I'm the first to moan about the shortcomings / QA issues with Apple kit, so I thought it only fair that I congratulate Apple when they get it right...


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    Thread of the Year!!!
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    splinemodelsplinemodel Posts: 7,311member
    Do you run a company or something? 8? I can only assume these aren't all for personal use.
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    can you post a picture?
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    messiahmessiah Posts: 1,689member
    Sorry, I only currently have three.

    I've bought eight over a period of a few years, but the first five had to be returned because of numerous problems. It was very very frustrating, because I always had a need for a decent quality Apple display, and until recently the 23-inch just had too many problems (uneven backlight, pink colour cast etc.).

    But I'm glad to say that the three displays that I purchased recently are all spot-on, so well done Apple for sorting that out!

    Unfortunately they're all in different locations, so I don't have a picture of them all together!

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