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Hey everyone,

Long time reader here, first time poster.

Anyway, I currently have a MacBook Pro (120gb hd, 2.16ghz, 1gb memory) but about a month ago it fell off my desk and the screen cracked, I am actually still using it but its time to think about a replacement. Since it was my fault Apple wont replace it and is asking $1,250 to fix the screen, which is outrageous so I am left with a few options.

I could buy a replacement lcd from ebay for about 200 and replace it myself, then keep using the pro.

I could sell it as is (how much do you think I could get for it? not much, I know) and then with the money from that and some of my own cash I could from selling it buy a new black MacBook which has more than double the HD space, more memory and a faster processor...although it is a smaller screen, lack of a real video card and wont have one of my favorite features, the light up keyboard.

I could replace the screen myself, still sell it but this time get more money and then buy the blackbook

The only reason I would consider to downgrade to the macbook is because of the HD space, I have less than 1gb free of space on my current pro, and this is after deleting 3 movies, documents and songs.

If you guys have any questions, responses, more ideas, or would be interested in taking this computer off my hands for a reasonable price (still under applecare till nov 08 + airport express + incase neoprene sleeve + mighty mouse + pre-installed with leopard) just reply.



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    Sell it and get a new one.
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    ajayajay Posts: 117member
    have you seen/considered these third party options?

    1) http://www.dttservice.com/macbookpro.html

    2) http://www.powerbookmedic.com/MacBoo...n-p-16893.html

    FYI, i'm not affiliated with them, nor do i endorse them!
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    Do you have home insurance? Some policies might cover you for damage to a computer.

    Just a thought...
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    Are you comfortable installing the replacement screen? If you are, go ahead and get 'er done. If you don't want the computer at that point you can still sell it at a good price assuming there is no great damage to the case exterior. You might want to order a good part from a reputable vendor rather than a screen from eBay with an unknown history.

    That brings me to my question about storage space -- if you are concerned about it, why don't you just install a new hard drive? If you aren't comfortable doing that in your MBP you might as well toss the idea of replacing the screen out the window too. Right now it isn't too hard to find some awesome deals on Toshiba 7K200 200 GB 7200 RPM laptop hard drives in Best Buy, often-times on clearance. They make wonderful additions to these laptops.

    I think the advice above suggesting some reputable third-party repair groups is great.
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