Will I lose all my music files??

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LACIE External Hard Drive's Partition Not Mounting:

HELP!! I hope and pray that I have not lost all my music files. This would be a very HARD way to learn to back things up.

I have an external drive firewire for the mac. There are 4 partitions on the drive. 3 of them are showing up on the desk drive and mounting, and 1 suddenly is not. This 1 non mounting partition is the holder of all my music files.

When I go to Disk Utility it shows up and states that it is not mounted. I run a verify and repair on it and everything checks out. Its verified without error and the message of being 'okay' comes up after I hit repair. When I go to try to manually mount it by hitting the icon at the top of the disk utilities window nothing happens.

What can I do?? Please help!!

(I have read previous threads and all of the issues there have problems with the verify and repair whereas mine seems to be okay but with no end result)


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    Not sure if this is any help, but you may need DiskWarrior. The files are still there, so try not to write anything new to the hard drive until this is sorted out.

    Good luck.
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