Programming the MX Revolution

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Does anybody know how to do this on a mac?


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    What do you mean? Did you install the drivers? If so then you use the control panel to setup the mouse. IMO with my Nano the Logitech driver suck and kernel panic my computer. I fell back to Apple's drivers for the Nano.
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    Originally Posted by TravisReynolds View Post

    Does anybody know how to do this on a mac?

    I have the Logitech VX Revolution, the Notebook version, and love it. I have the larger one also, but I like using the smaller one. It fits my hand better.

    That said, to answer your question: go to where you have the mouse installed - Applications, probably - click on Device Manager. A Logitech Control Center pane comes up. Click on MX Revolution; then, click on configure - voila - the programming pane pops up. Configure and set it to Global settings or whatever.

    If you can't find Logitech in your Applications, go to Systems Preference. Logitech Control Center will probably be under 'Other'.

    I didn't install drivers. The mouse worked as soon as the tiny dongle was plugged in. I may have had to press a button on the bottom of the mouse to connect.

    The only negative aspect for the VX notebook mouse is that it isn't rechargeable like the MX. a triple A battery lasts only two weeks. I bought a $20 charger w/ 4 AA's and 2 AAA's. Problem solved. The charger solved battery usage in other gadgets, too.
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