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I have made a few Automator Scripts to help me do a few things quicker, one being the tagging script, along with some others I started using almost everyday. My question is I find it annoying that you need to right click goto Automator, then Scripts, then find the Script you made. Is there a to way move that menu? I would like it to be in the first drop down, under Scripts, then have them all there. I find it to deep in the tree right now, how would I move this around? Is it possible?


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    lundylundy Posts: 4,466member
    I know what you mean - it's poor design. The CMM is very hard to code and hacking it would be hard, although I would not be surprised if someone had done it.

    What I would consider is getting a contextual menu utility and putting the Automator extensions directly in there, bypassing the built-in Automator folder menu item altogether.

    Look on VersionTracker or MacUpdate for contextual menu item.
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    After looking around for a bit, I have found that you can make Automator workflows Applescripts. I made a bunch of them, opened the Applescript Utility and checked the "Show menu script in menu bar" option. This puts the icon in the menu bar at the top, then I just save my workflows as a applescript and it comes up in the drop down. I think thats the best solution at this point. Quick and easy to get to.
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    lundylundy Posts: 4,466member
    That's the solution I use also.
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