Scanning using my 7310

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We switched to Macs about two years ago and it has been a great experience so far. There were a few frustrating moments at first as we had both been PC users from the start, but it has just gotten better and better.

\tI am not sure where to ask this question so I am posting it here in the hopes of some sort of steer in the proper direction. We have an HP Officejet all in one 7310 that has been a great machine, it has worked almost flawlessly with the new macs... almost. I have downloaded several versions of the software needed to scan to pdf's from the 7310 from the HP website and NONE of them have been a good experience. I have an older cannon flatbead portable and the canoscan software for it does a fantastic job scanning in pdf's.

\tAnyone have a line on some decent software perhaps? Something that will make the blasted thing work without all the overhead garbage HP packages in their bundle.... which I would accept if it worked!! They don't seem to care too much about Mac support over there....

\tWe have a 24" imac, 20" imac and a Macbook Pro 17" all intel based.
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