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I think apple claims that with Mac OS X, one can connect natively to a windows based machine. How would I do that? Does the server has to have some sort of apple talk enabling device? How about if I want to connect my mac to a pc over a crossover cable? What then do I have to do?


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    Cross over cable is easy. Just plug the cross over cable into your mac and pc. Make sure your IP address is in the same range , subnet mask is the same (ex., and your default gateway (PC) and router (Mac) is the same. Set up ftp server on you mac is the easiest to me and then ftp stuff over. Or you can use DAVE client, but I tried it and I didn't like it. I find FTP the easiest, especially since Mac has a built in ftp server so you don't have to d/l like Cute FTP or Leech FTP for windows.
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    In the Network connect dialog box type:

    SMB\\\"PC Name"\\"Share Name"

    Then it will ask you for the Workgroup or Domain Name, your user name, and a password if necessary.

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