Firewire unavailable?

in macOS edited January 2014
OK- so I got a DV cam (Samsung SCD55- a great camera for $399). Anyway, I also got a 500 MHz iBook DVD with firewire. My camera will work in OS 9 with iMovie and everything else but it doesn't work in X.1. Now- when I open the system profiler in X under the devices tab it says under Firewire- unavailable (when I have the camera plugged in). Does this mean that my firewire port isn't working or the camera is not recognized? The camera is the only thing I have to boot back into OS 9 for- which is really stupid and doesn't make me want to shoot any DV because I will have to boot back into 9 to import it.

Don't flame me for getting a samsung camera- it was cheap, has a 22x optical zoom, and its small. The only problem is it doesn't work for me in X.

HELP! Please!

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