Adobe CS3 Production Premium Questions

in Mac Software edited January 2014
If you purchase the CS3 Prod Premium can you purchase another license at a cheaper price so that you can install it on another machine?

and is there ANY place that sells the darn thing cheaper than the $1700 bones you have to pay for it?

And how 'bout us folks who have Final Cut Studio 2 and just need Photoshop and After Effects? If you buy these two separately, it's MORE expensive than buying the Creative Suite Prod Premium so you buy the Production Premium box and you get all that other stuff you may not use.

Adobe's site isn't exactly too helpful either with it...

Let's hear some opinions!!


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    SpamSandwichSpamSandwich Posts: 31,396member
    Pay for it the cheaper way and buy the production premiums. Who cares if you have extra programs you won't use right away? You may end up needing them in the long run. For example, I thought I would never in a million years need to use Flash, and I used it yesterday. You just don't know.
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