Huge Time Machine backup out of the blue

in Genius Bar edited January 2014
A Time Machine backup just ran on my iMac, and I find the numbers a little confusing: it copied 69,831 files (6.2 GB) in total (I noticed it was taking ages and after it finished got these exact figures from Console).

I immediately noticed that this didn't make any sense, so I did a Spotlight search for "files modified in the last 1 days". A total of 291 files come up in the results, mostly web page history files.

WTF? I did NOT just install anything, update anything, or do anything out of the ordinary. All I did today was browse the net, listen to some music, checked emails (only had a handful) and watched a dvd. 6 GB of my backup drive has just been taken (only 100MB or so was reclaimed after the backup), and I can't figure out what for...

Anybody seen this happen? Any insight??


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