FCC Approval Process for 3G iPhone

in iPhone edited January 2014
When should we start to look for FCC approval of the 3G iPhone? IF Apple plans to announce it at WWDC in June, shouldn't we expect to see or hear of a leaked approval soon? Of course, Apple could announce it at WWDC in June to prevent the FCC from stealing their thunder (same scenario that occurred at MacWorld in 2007), but I hope that doesn't happen since it would likely mean retail availability would not occur until August at the earliest.

My Treo 650 is dying a slow death and I am ready to take the iPhone plunge once the new model arrives. Any thoughts?


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    The later date would correspond with the rumoured iPhone release in Singapore (likely to get the 3G version)

    Can't wait either, so I sure hope it's sooner than later (like maybe a confidential FCC filing?).

    But as always, I think it's best Apple take their time to work the kinks out.
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