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Does anyone know what language the SDK uses for programming? Is it Cocoa or C++? Cause I don't have leopard but I wanted to know what language you had to know how to program in order to make iPhone apps. Thanks!


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    thttht Posts: 3,212member
    Objective-C is the language of choice for the iPhone and Mac OS X. C and C++ code could also be used, but Objective-C has to wrap around it.
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    bavlondon2bavlondon2 Posts: 694member
    Regarding SDK (I didnt want to open a new thread just for 1 question), will the apps be actual aplications you install on your iphone? Reason I ask is im hoping that an MSN/Windows Live Messenger client app is made. I know they are looking to bring out AIM for iphone but thats only really popular in the US.

    I know there are web based IM sites like meebo or ebuddy but a proper application would be much better.
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    thttht Posts: 3,212member
    Strange question bavlondon. It's as if you've been living under a rock. They are applications in the Mac OS X style: executable file and app resources (NIB file, languages, data) all stored in one directory which iPhone OS will make appear as one file (instead of a directory). Much much more stringent rules about what apps can do and how they run. Apps can be downloaded OTA through the App Store application which will come with iPhone OS v2 or side-loaded through iTunes.

    Yahoo Messenger and MSN Messenger apps however, may be tough apps to find. I'm not sure they'll come right away unless some non-Yahoo/MS entity produces them.
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