iPhone warranty question.

in iPhone edited January 2014
I'm on vacation right now and I accidentally left my iPhone case at home. My friends dad had it in his coat and tossed it to the ground. There wasn't anything major, except for a dent in the corner near the camera. This isn't the end of the world for me, its just sort of a bummer to have this happen-especially for something I worked so hard for.

What is apples policy on replacing the iPhone with a new one? Is this the sort of thing covered by warranty?



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    iferdiferd Posts: 20member
    Accidental damage isn't covered.
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    Damage caused by the user is generally not covered. (sorry) And the dent is kind of a dead giveaway that it was dropped. If it still works why even bother trying to replace it? Now that it's got it's first scratch, you can relax and quit worrying about it so much
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    mydomydo Posts: 1,888member
    I would suggest keeping your balls and not acting like a girl.
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