lost iDVD

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i just got my new iMac and when i went to click on iDVD on the bottom of the tooldbar thing, the icon bounced a couple times then bounced off the screen. Now i cant find the icon. Can anyone let me know how i can get my iDVD icon back? thanx


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    murkmurk Posts: 935member
    Bounced off the screen? Kind of sounds like you might be yanking our chains. Just in case your not, however, and you mean it just disappeared, check inside your applications folder or launch Sherlock and search for IDVD. Once found, drag the application icon to your dock.

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    thanx for the help. i found out about the application dir and dragged it to the dock (thing on the bottom) a little after i posted. I'm not yanking your chain about the it bouncing off the screen. I clicked it once and it started bouncing and i think while it was bouncing i clicked it off the screen. really wierd. Thanx again for the help.
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