Excuse Me Sir, Which Computer System Do You Recommend?!

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This is an article I wrote on my site, sometimes I wanted to get everyone's inputs and points of views, a quick plug check my sig. if you like to view more.

Now to the article....

My experiences in trying to help someone else learn the way of the Apple has been a very difficult one at times, there seems to be a lot of hesitation in part because of old habits and culture at the workplace that create a barrier in trying new things.

More specifically, being a Windows user for most of my life I can understand the nervousness of somebody telling me how trying out a new operating system as stable as the MacOS would change my life for the better. Being accustomed to using PC?s at work and coming home to surf the internet on a PC also can definitely create some serious habits as far as the users computer experience goes.

Many users cannot seem to see that there is more to computers than just the Windows environment and the Internet Explorer browser or the need to update their anti-virus programs on a daily basis by downloading their latest virus definitions list. Obviously this is not the users fault, this is how they have been taught and told that this is just how it is and will be.

Walking into many computer retail stores here in my city, I am always disappointed in the lack of choice there is for a computer user, it seems like 99% of computers sold are Windows-based althought I can start to notice a bit of a shift in the curve towards alternative options here in Canada.

Choice is always a good thing for consumers, not only it gives you the opportunity to actually pick from a selection but it can drive down prices because of fierce competitions between brands and manufacturers.

Many terms like ?Safari? and ?Time Machine? are foreign to many computer users unfortunately, to me it always comes back to choice and how boring it would be if we saw the same type of car on the street with maybe a different color and slightly different shape but with the exact ?under the hood? and navigational controls components. This analogy to me makes perfect sense and I hope it does to all of you too because consumers need to be smart and educated that is more out there that what you see sometimes.

I think PC?s are an important piece of the computer pie but a piece not the whole, I use a PC for certain things at home and I still enjoy using it from time to time because certain software I have to admit it just works better under the Windows environment but alternatives in other systems sometimes work just as good if not better then their PC counterparts.

Integration in the computer world to me is very important, and I see this being implemented in no other system better than in the MacOSX. The way applications communicate with each other, such as iCal and Mail or Aperture and iPhoto are good examples. Now that is being implemented into their hardware more and more with the releases of Time Capsule and Time Machine.

My iPod Touch is another example of how Apple seems to understand the fine balance of what the user wants and needs, it provides us with a great interface with new ?touch? technology that integrates itself almost flawlessly with iCal, Internet Browsing through Safari, checking different email accounts and much more.

The computer industry I believe is opening their eyes to the fact that many more computer users are starting to dig a little deeper and researching other options before they decide on where to spend their hard-earned dollars, a more educated and aware consumer is likely to only make computer companies and manufacturers take a hard look at perhaps changing their practices and taking a little bit of a risk with hope that in the end it will reap the rewards that will benefit us all.

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Any thoughts?
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