question about .mac galleries

in Mac Software edited January 2014
Is there a way to publish video to .mac galleries in formats other than .m4v?


So, I've been lucky in that my in-laws bought a .mac account & then never used it... I have hi-jacked the account and have been using it for myself to determine if I really should shell out the cash for my own account...

My primary use is the Gallery feature, but I've found that the .mac galleries don't play very nice with windows boxes, which is what most of my friends, family & co-workers use... namely, the people who I want to share with are having trouble seeing the pictures & videos.

I have also noticed that the .mac environment is very sluggish. I work for a state agency and we have very fast internet - then I come home to a cable provider where I regularly see speeds of 15-20Mbs using an iMac. The rest of the net goes great, but when I tap into "my" .mac account it's like going back ten years to my dial-up days. Very slow navigation, pictures take forever to load, and I'm almost reluctant to click onto video just because of the wait. Not only does this make it so I don't want to pay for the service, but I'm also embarrassed to share it with people. Sure it's loaded with eye-candy (the scrolling thumbnails are killer!) but these expereinces are a real deterrent to using the service.

Any way, sorry for the rant. This thread isn't about an alternative to .mac, or why you love &/or hate it. Just asking is there a way to publish in another, more commonly supported format?
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