Video Capture Hardware for Mac - What is there?

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I've been given the task of copying a bunch of VHS tapes onto DVD for my mum's friend. I'm looking for a product such as Pinnacle's 'Video Creator Platinum' (but Mac compatible) a USB device which I can connect old fashioned analogue equipment to with the red/white/yellow connectors. Any recommendations appreciated! Budget of £50-£75 ($100-$150).

If any of these devices will allow me to import into iMovie '08 rather than having to use the bundled software would be a help too...


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    tarltarl Posts: 41member
    USB and video don't mix. I know they sell products based around USB, but I don't think any of them provide good results.

    I would recomend a Digital camcorder with analog inputs and a firewire port. It's way above your budget, but maybe you can borrow or rent one.

    Plug the VCR into the camcorder's white/red/yellow ports and enable the "pass-thru" mode on the camera. Plug the camera into the Mac using firewire and launch iMovie. Press play on the VCR and import in iMovie.
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    MarvinMarvin Posts: 14,209moderator
    EyeTV ($150) might be an option:

    but it won't encode to DV so you'll need a second encode step.

    You can also get a standalone DVD recorder (£80+) but that means the same.

    There's also:

    There was a product that captured DV externally from analog inputs and it was around £150 - might have been this one:

    The only thing about the dedicated devices is that's all they are good for. At least with eye TV and the recorder, you still have a useful product when you have finished your capturing.

    If you can borrow a camcorder or pick up a used one on ebay (the camera quality doesn't matter really as it's not doing any recording), it would be the cheapest option as mentioned.
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    sequitursequitur Posts: 1,901member
    Would you use the same equipment to copy the VHS tapes to a hard drive?
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