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Hello. New to the forums. I am looking for some leads to help topics or books or whatever. Im not new to Macs but I have never bothered to do what Im trying to do as Ihave only had 1 machine until now. What Im trying to do is Make 1 network with a windows file server running windows server 2003. This is also my exchange server. I now have a few macs and I would like them to be able to have acess to the file server as well as a partition I set up for Time machine. IM having issues with permissions of the macs reading existing files. Im not opposed to setting up a Mac server if it is recommended for file servers and use the PC just for exchange but that should be the last resort. Im even having a few problems with my older G4 and a new Macbook with 10.5 being able to open files on my G4. I know its a permission issue but IM not sure how to best fix the problem. Having to never worry about networks with cross platform or even just Macs Im clueless. Is there a nice book or e-book that can guide me though the best practices of setting up a network that works seamlessly? I have also searched the usergroups but am not finding any info on using a server for time machine backups. Everything seems to point toward using external drives. Is it not possible to use a empty partition on the server? My Time Machine is not reading any devices to backup to.

Thanks for all the help in these matters
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