No iPhone 16GB - Chicago, IL - Mount Prospect ?!

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Hi, guys! I want to buy a 16GB iPhone asap in the area of Mount Prospect. I went to some of the apple store places but they told me that they are out of stock. Then AT&T said that they have it, but i can have it ONLY with a 2-year contract. But as you probably can tell (by reading my english ), I don't want to sign any contracts right now.

So my questions are:

1) Am I obligated in some way to sign the contract at AT&T store when buying a 16GB iPhone from them?

2) Please, locals, tell me if you know some place in the area where they aren't out of stock for the 16 giger.


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    tomohrtomohr Posts: 60member
    hello sir... I live just a bit south of oakbrook, have you tried calling them?? 6305737008... they might have one.. or two

    I did you a favor and called them.. they are all out, sorry bud

    I think you will just have to wait for 3g...

    to bad :P
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    mydomydo Posts: 1,888member
    Why not just order on line? They'll send it to your house.
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