Help Finding files inside a bundle?

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A colleague has asked me if there is any way to search globally for files inside "bundles" as opposed to control clicking each one to reveal contents.

Can it be done?

BTW, she has already been warned about messing inside these directories and the potential damage.


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    MarvinMarvin Posts: 14,548moderator
    You can use the terminal. For example, typing:

    locate *.icns | grep -i bah

    will give you the location of the icon files for the built-in OS X zip program.

    Locate uses a database like spotlight but it only works if you leave your machine on overnight or you run the maintenance scripts so it can re-index your drive. It doesn't build the database dynamically.

    An easier alternative is the program EasyFind which does the old-fashioned yet still reliable brute-force search and has an option for looking inside bundles.
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    kickahakickaha Posts: 8,760member
    Or, also in the Terminal...

    find inSomeDir -name *.icns

    This does a filename matching for any file ending in .icns, starting in the folder inSomeDir, such as /Applications/Utilities or ~/myApps or some such.

    No database, just braindead traversal of directories. Can take a few minutes, if you're trying to search, say, the entire drive.
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