MGI Photosuite Mobile Organizer

in macOS edited January 2014
Recently I loaded a program -- MGI Photosuite -- on my new iMAC, which is running OSX.

Something in the process crashed out my system, and I got the hated blinking "?" in the disk on re-boot, and took the machine in for maintenance. It's back up and running very well.

Someone on a previous AppleInsider post told me what the problem might have been. The program runs in Classic mode, as does its installer. But I was in OSX when I installed it. The person said if you load a Classic program, using a Classic installer, you have to be booted into classic.

Now, I want to load a smaller version -- MGI Photsuite Mobile Organizer -- onto my machine. It will let me upload photographs from the Mac to my Palm Pilot.

But I'm a little gun shy, and am worried there is something inherent in these MGI Photosuite programs that don't sit right on OSX.

Anyone have any experience with it? And advice?
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