Apple's Educational iPod Promotion?

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I personally really want to get MacBook, however I am holding off and waiting for Apple to start their iPod Promotion this year. Is there any chances that Apple will have this promotion? If so, I am willing to wait a little longer for the MacBook.


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    I think they've had that sale every year since the iPod's introduction. I don't see any reason why they'd stop now. I believe it usually starts in late May.
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    Previously, you could use the "credit" they give you to get another product in the iPod line. I believe the credit was $150, or a free iPod nano. For example, i bought a 80 GB iPod for $150.

    Do you think that same credit will be available for the iPhone? Instead of it costing $400, you can get it for $250.
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    iPhones are pretty hot, so it may be optimistic to think they'll be included (but, hey a guy can dream! )
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