New iMac's unable to login after initial setup

in Genius Bar edited January 2014
I've had several brand-new 24" iMac's pass through our store lately that after going through the initial OS X setup (registration, network setup etc) the user is greeted by a login dialog, and no matter what information they enter they cannot login, the dialog box just shakes and then blanks itself for another attempt.

I tried using Disk Utility/Password Reset to no avail. The only fix I've found thus far is just a clean install of Leopard, a regular reinstallation changes nothing. And so upon a clean reinstallation goes through the usual registration process but doesn't bring the login window at the end... it's great to get a fix but I can't slow down my business by having to do this to every iMac that comes through the door.

Any other users/resellers had this problem?

Seems to be affecting only the 24" iMac's thus far, I've had three of them in this week, two of which had this problem. They're all the same SKU, standard config 24" 2.4GHz/320GB iMac...
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