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what are some kool things besides (ilife,movie software, and itunes) that i can do on my new macbook




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    Originally Posted by avenged7evenfold View Post

    what are some kool things besides (ilife,movie software, and itunes) that i can do on my new macbook



    How about work.... MacBook Pro is a very powerful laptop, made for more than playing!
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    kool is iLife:

    Make your own homepage, complete with your own movies, photos and music.

    If you add iWork, you can make great print items and presentations, not to mention balance your checkbook, but this is to be fun.

    Take a trip. Take photos and movies. Record some music. Make a very complete presentation about your trip and share it it with the world.

    Get ToonBoom Studio and have a blast making animated films. Record everything you need in Garageband.

    The possibilities are limited only by your imagination.
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    OmniGraffle is fun. I have used it in classes to take down diagrams the professors draw. OmniOutliner is a great complement to it for note taking.

    OmniGraffle also has a truckload of neat templates available for free.
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    well im only 12 soon 13 years old so i need some fun stuff to do (I can download any software you guys tell me free Even final cut pro)



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    Well why don't you just buy a couple of games? UT's good and Age of Empires!
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    When I was 12 we still didn't have a color TV (only had 3 channels anyway) at home and computers were still a thing of the future. How I envy you!

    Get a couple of games, there are some inexpensive ones out there... check


    However, don't waste too much time playing.

    As far as useful apps, there are also some free (or almost free) ones that are pretty good.

    for note taking:


    assignment planner (great for students but I thought it was free)

    As for games:

    Sim City is a great experience (and you can actually learn from it, too)

    Others will chime in as well.
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