Wireless Keyboard on a non-Mac System

in Genius Bar edited January 2014
Hi all,

So while my main computer is my 24" iMac (plastic), I also have an HP tx2000z tablet for drawing and whatnot. Of course, what sucks is that when I am in tablet mode, I can't use the keyboard. Yet I find it difficult to draw in laptop mode. So an idea struck me! I got a bluetooth adapter (I didn't get it installed because, heh, I didn't think I would NEED bluetooth) and tried to pair the Apple Wireless Keyboard that came with my iMac (I have been using the aluminum wired one for a while, I like the feel better).

Well, it took a little while and a lot of troubleshooting but I got it paired! Horray! Unfortunately, it just...stops working. I will be drawing away in Photoshop, go to press a command on the keyboard, and it doesn't send a signal. If I turn it off and on, it will work again for a while...then stop.All my other bluetooth stuff seems to work fine (headset for Skype, my phone) but the keyboard just doesn't want to play.

I plan on eventually getting the new wireless one eventually as it will fit very well into my laptop bag. Part of me wonders if it is just the fact that it is an older keyboard. I tried plugging my wired one in and it uploaded all the driver information so maybe getting the new one will fix it.

Any ideas?

PS-I am using a Kensington Micro USB Bluetooth adaptor with the Toshiba bluetooth drivers/stacks if that matters.


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