Configuring Gmail IMAP labels/folders on iPhone & Apple Mail 3.0

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I am having a very difficult time setting up my Google apps IMAP e-mail account to work correctly with Apple Mail 3.0, as well as with my Apple iPhone, and I was hoping that somebody could please help me get this figured out once and for all...

I have followed all of the Google apps IMAP e-mail setup instructions to properly configure your IMAP e-mail clients, but despite this I am still having problems getting everything working properly. I'm currently using an iPhone with firmware version 1.1.4, and I have manually configured my Gmail account on my phone. I mention this because Google has clearly specified that there are different instructions for handling the proper deletion/archiving of e-mail messages depending on which version of the firmware you are using.

My main problem has to do with properly mapping my IMAP labels, with the corresponding Apple Mail 3.0 folders and the folders on my iPhone. I havve searched for the answer to my questions repeatedlyy on the Internet, but most of the articles and blog posts that I have find that describe the the proper methods of setting things up correctly were either originally posted before the recent Gmail IMAP implementation, or before Gmail version 2.0 became available (or before things changed with version 1.1 .3 of the iPhone firmware). Needless to say, it's been difficult to find a relevant article that applies to the current scenario under which I am trying to set things up...

I'll try to make things short and sweet, so here it is:

First Question:

I do not like how on both my iPhone and in Apple Mail 3.0, all of my primary non-editable Gmail IMAP labels appear nested within a [Gmail] folder/label...once and for all, am I, or am I not, supposed to add [Gmail] to the IMAP Path prefix setting that appears in both Apple Mail 3.0 and in my iPhone mail settings? doing so does eliminate the nested hierarchy configuration that I'd mentioned not liking, but I have read a number of different people mention that configuring things like this might cause problems...Anyone have any idea what the answer here is?

Regardless of whether the answer is yes I am supposed to or know I am not supposed to add [Gmail] to the IMAP Path prefix field, should I or should I not then manually click on the sent items folder, the drafts folder, the junk mail folder, and the trash folder, and then from the Apple Mail 3.0 menubar, choose "Use This Mailbox for" and pick the corresponding folder for each of the four available options? Any ideas about this?

Second Question:

My next question involves how I should go about properly configuring the Apple Mail 3.0 and iPhone folders/labels so that they correspond properly with my Gmail IMAP labels? In other words, am I supposed to store sent messages/drafts/junk on the server or not (please let me know what the correct settings should be in Apple Mail 3.0 and on the iPhone)?

I do understand that the way e-mail messages were deleted/archived when using version 1.1.3 of the iPhone firmware were changed when compared to version 1.1.2 of the the firmware, and I honestly do prefer the way it works in the new method, where, when reading a message on my iPhone, I can simply click the trash can icon to archive (not delete) a particular email; and if I want to delete the message, I have to click the ' move message...' icon at the bottom of the iPhone Mail window and pick the folder/label I want to move the message to... which in this case would be the trash folder/label...

Having said that, I am still at a total loss as far as properly mapping my labels and folders correctly so that I don't receive erroneous, duplicate labels/folders on any of my clients, or on the Gmail web interface...

Any help that anyone can offer with these two problems that I'm facing would be greatly appreciated, I feel like it has been quite some time now where I have not been able to get this issue sorted out, and it's about time that I finally do so

Thanks for your time, and I look forward to your responses!


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    I have all of the same questions. There are so many conflicting suggestions floating around cyberspace. I don't know which to believe.
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