can i buy any ram...for imac?

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First, I know I need DDR2 ram, and I have found (on amazon) a kinston RAM that I would buy. Now my question is...would it work right? Is that a good brand? What would u guys do, because I am not paying 200 dollars for 2gb ram...thats outragous.


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    Go into your system profiler and check your Ram type and buy whatever comes closest.

    I personally just go to and use their computer selection menus. At the very least to get the Ram type for the machine.
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    I would recommend making sure your RAM comes with a guarantee of compatibility. The following vendors seem to be geared toward the mac user on this front, as well as offering excellent service (as reported by members across several Mac fora) and prices.



    I recommend checking all sites for the best price of the day as they tend to fluctuate.
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