Which xnu kernel branch in CVS corresponds to Darwin Kernel 5.4?

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Well, the topic says it all. I want to rebuild the Darwin 5.4 kernel to support MAC address spoofing, but I have no idea which branch it corresponds to in the Apple Public CVS.

Oooh, and Apple Internal is at least up to version 6.0, I see...at least Apple-231 through Apple-267 are all Darwin 6.0.

A version increase in the first decimal = major release...as in we won't see 6.0 until 10.2. I wonder why it's in Apple's public CVS since it probably isn't very useful to Darwin developers.

I think 10.2 is definitely going to be announced at WWDC and not just previewed behind closed doors, and Apple will shoot to *deliver* it at MWNY. but this has all been said before...

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    pp Posts: 12member
    Do a uname -a on the Terminal - it says the xnu branch in there somewhere.
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    eugeneeugene Posts: 8,254member
    Yeah, I used uname, but that number isn't in the list of branches on the anoncvs repository.
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