Old Bluetooth Keyboard

in Genius Bar edited January 2014
So of course, I am a student and get every moment out of the batteries I use for my wireless Keyboard. I waited up until it finally died, the pulled out the brand new package of AA batteries to swap.

Only thing is, the keyboard is now not turning on-- at all. I turn on the power, no light. Nothing. Double checked the battery placement (I'm doing electricity and circuits in physics, it'd be quite embarrassing if this was wrong-- but it's not.)

So I thought, oh, well maybe that pack are all duds. Off to Asda to get another 4 new ones off the shelf. Same thing.

I did some searching, can't seem to find anything. Does this mean my poor old keyboard has finally hit the bucket? Or is there some magically thing that I don't know about to make this fix itself?

Thanks in advance. Luckily I have a USB one but my poor MBP only has 3 USB slots which I would rather use for something else than a keyboard
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