Mac Pro noisy hard drives

in Genius Bar edited January 2014
I have a new Mac Pro with 7,200 SATA hard drives. They seem to be very noisy and I don't know much about tuning the Mac Pro or what is normal with these machines. There seems to be a constant amount of 'chat' going on with the drives, especially when running Windows XP Pro on a bootcamp partition.

Is this normal?I have 16GB of RAM installed. Almost seems like it is reading/writing to the drives a lot even when bringing up a web page.


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    kareliakarelia Posts: 525member
    You have 7,200 hard drives? I thought the Mac Pro only had four bays?

    No, but seriously now. I'd say if the machine is brand new, it will often spend the first while indexing the hard drives, which takes longer if the drive is larger. Also, some hard drive noise is to be expected. Some drives will even chatter a bit, but if you are not experiencing any performance issues, I'd say keep a good backup and keep on working, it's probably nothing to worry about.
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