Buying NEW 2008 Mac Pro - need processor advice

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I know pretty much what specs I want on my new 2008 Mac Pro, but I am uncertain as to rather or not to upgrade the processor to 3.0 Ghz.

Basically, the Mac Pro I will use for Dreamweaver and LOTS of 3D rendering such as Poser, Vue 6, ZBrush, etc. but I think maybe the stock 2.8 Ghz will be fine. Some of those software makers say their software will work OK with 10.5 OS BUT only take advantage of 4GB of memory and anything beyond that it won't see. Also, while they are updated and work fine with current Macs and Leopard, they may not take FULL advantage of the multi core CPUs until later. That is why I was leaning to the 2.8 and saving $800 but if anyone uses 3D software a lot and sees why I need to invest now please let me know.

What I thinking was maybe upgrading late 2009 if I REALLY need to with a new Mac Pro and just getting the 2.8 for now. Any thoughts on this for processor speed or any other tips for buying the Mac Pro now?



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    I tend to use your thinking - go with your gut and if it doesn't do the job, upgrade later.

    Buying advice (from lots of experience - hubby would say too much ):

    1. get a refurb (save $400!)

    2. take advantage of all the goodies apple offers right now ($100 off the printer, etc)

    3. install after-market ram (save hundreds!)

    4. if you're a fan of apple care, get it at amazon

    5. while you're at amazon, get your other software there ($20 off parallels, for example)

    More details (like why Apple refurbs are better than new) are at - your savings will end up being 15-20%!
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