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I know someone has used this app or else the guy wouldn't keep updateing it. It's XPostFacto and this app edit's some files in Mac OS X so it runs on a 604e PowerMacs.

Now I know people will start saying it will run slow on a 604e. But as i said before someone is useing this app for this guy to update it every new OS X that comes out. This is from his web site, about how it runs on a 604e,

"... my impression is that the performance of OS X is somewhat slower than the performance you would expect from supported computers with a similar processor, but it is in the same ballpark. Mac OS X 10.1 actually feels fairly useable with a 200 MHz 604e."

Now I want to try OS 10.1 on my Mac but i would like someone's feedback as to how it runs with this app. Does it work? And for users that have OS X on there G4's how can i make OS 10.1 run faster....is there things i can trun off to make it run faster?

If you know anyone that has used this app and used 10.1 on a 604e PLEASE post about it here.

For anyone that want's to see this guy's web site go here: <a href="http://eshop.macsales.com/OSXCenter/"; target="_blank">http://eshop.macsales.com/OSXCenter/</a>;

So people i'm new here, give me all of the feedback you can as to how i can make this all work, i don't want to crash in os 9 anymore and os 10.1 looks like it's for me.




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    I don't know anything about XPostFacto but if you want to know what people think of a piece of software, you should probably check out VersionTracker. Looks like people are pretty impressed by it over there.

    <a href="http://www.versiontracker.com/moreinfo.fcgi?id=11168&db=mac"; target="_blank">http://www.versiontracker.com/moreinfo.fcgi?id=11168&db=mac</a>;
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    Hey frank, yes this app does work and it does get updated fairly often too. Keep up on the versions.

    I just went through the process of installing my 8500 to the most recent I could get of OSX and I'm sitting at 10.1.4 with Software update saying there ain't no more.

    My system:

    PM 8500

    dual 604e/200

    512MB RAM

    18Gb Seagate Baracudda narrow SCSI

    Started with fresh install of OS9, updated to 9.1. Ran XPF 2.2b7. Installed from 10.0.3 CD to a clean 3Gb HFS+ partition.


    Booted into OSX just fine. Software update said only 10.0.4 was available. Rebooted into OS9.1 and ran XPF again, but this time pointed it to my 10.1 upgrade CD.


    Booted into OSX and it showed as 10.1 and proceeded to run Software update like a madman. I'm glad I have DSL...

    Certain things are required to be installed for other things to show up in the list. I needed Installer updated before I could even see 10.1.3 in the list of available updates.

    But I progressed through them all and it works great!

    Now I just need some more CPU and video power... My dualie 604 card only runs one CPU in OSX and stretching the windows is pretty pokey with that Control video chipset.
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    I can't get it to work on my PowerMac 8600/250 604e. It stalls when it gets to the Happy Mac icon and does nothing. I can even eject the CD (something you can't normally do while booting). When I witch to boot in verbose mode, it gets to a point where it just says it successfully reset something and it repeats that message about once every minute. I've let it run for an hour with no change. I'll try again and post the exact message in a few minutes...

    I've reformatted the drive repeatedly and put on fresh installs of 9.1 and tried all sorts of trickery and still can't get it to work with the latest version 2.2b7. <img src="graemlins/hmmm.gif" border="0" alt="[Hmmm]" />

    It's a shame because I *really* want OSX (not just Darwin) on this old computer to run as a server. I e-mailed the author once and didn't get a response. Perhaps I ought to e-mail him again.

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    Well KnottyMan i have a slower system than you it's a Powermac 7300/180 with 128mb of ram and a Acard for my IDE 20GB hard drive. So far OS 9 boot's OK off the card with OS 9.1 so i'm hopeing that OS 10.1 will too.

    As for dl the update's he put's up of his site, i do when they are not Beta's any more...as beta's still have bugs in them and i don't want to use my mac to test out his app. The last thing i want is for my mac to stuff up to the point where i can't go back to OS 9.1 if this all doesn't work (which i do hope it does).

    Right now the only thing that i'm worryed about is the OS 10.1 CD starting up ok and installing with out any hickup's. If my My 604e is not a Mac that OS X runs on, how can i start off the cd? the installer from what i have read works in a small OS X not from a OS 9 system folder. so right now that's the only thing that i'm not sure about.

    And KnottyMan how does OS 10.1 run? do you use it to run IE and itunes? or only for a server. I wish i had as much ram as you do...but i hope the VM in OS X runs well as i only open 3 apps at most at a time on my mac any way.

    One last thing also, does it crash? Or does it run well for hours?

    All Help is welcome


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    I wouldn't sweat the beta-ness of XPF since getting OS X to run on "legacy" Macs is beta in the first place... And XPF is only required to install really.

    To install, I booted into OS 9.1, mounted the 10.0.3 CD, and ran XPF. In XPF, you specify your install media (the X CD) and the source volume. Then the Mac copy some files and will reboot and then run the OSX installer.

    To update to 10.1 I had to boot back into OS 9.1, and run XPF again. This time I had the 10.1 update CD mounted, and when I ran XPF, I selected the 10.1 update CD as the source media and the existing OS X partition as the destination.

    Don't format the destination OS X volume! XPF copies certain files beforehand so you can boot that volume so the Installer can run!

    You can get back to OS 9 by using the Startup Disk control panel. Getting back to OS X, I think you have to run XPF again and just pick the OS X volume and click restart. So don't worry about hosing your OS 9 install, you can get back to it.

    My box runs ok, not as fast as my sister's PBTi G4/400 though. It is not production capable. The CPU is too slow and the video is slow. I'm looking at getting a G4/450 card and a ATI Radeon 7000. The main complaint is when you stretch a window, you have to plan ahead. Yeah I have 512Mb of memory, but it didn't make as much difference as I thought it would. I'm also running on the onboard SCSI which is 5MB/sec SCSI 1! Ack! I have no slots to run ATA though. I sure wish I had more PCI.

    Haven't had any crashes is OS X. I mainly run Mozilla for a web app. I haven't had a whole lot of time to really throw any apps on it. Just updates, Moz, Fire (kick ass Icq/AIM/IRC client) and learning the structure/organization.

    I have a firewire -&gt; ATA5 bridge that I want to try and capture some video to. Need to find apps though. Might need to go to Linux to do that however.
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    Well it didn't work for me, i'm hope the guy that made the app will reply to my e-mail about it, but every time i start off the disc it comes up with an error and the only thing that works when i type it is 'reboot'

    Oh well i hope he replys.

    Thanks for the help anyway guys.

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