Wierd Q: How do I trick OSX to think I'm in the states?

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Hey all, well I'm in Japan, and I need to access websites that for some silly reason don't except non-U.S. IP's. Something about the Chinese was brought up, but I'll be honest, I don't think I have any dealings with them being in the military and all. So, Apps, and or devices to install directly to the connection would be most appreciated. Thanks!


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    If it's filtering you out based on your IP, then there's nothing OSX can do about it.

    What you can do though, is find a way for all your internet requests to be routed through a US based "IP annonymizer". I don't even know if that is available, but it is certainly possible from a tech standpoint.
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    k squaredk squared Posts: 608member
    Tekzilla (I think) did a podcast on an annonymizer which routed your computer's IP around the world. Google, for example, would the Russian version and upon refresh another country's. There was considerable lag, as I recall.
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    I've used Tor before. It slows down ur web surfing, but does exactly what the people above have suggested.
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