Problem with Time Machine/Finder not finding remote Drive

in macOS edited January 2014
I have a Mac Pro and hooked 2 Western Digital My Book 750GB drives via Firewire onto it to use as my time machine backup for the two MBP's in the house.

The problem I run into may be more network related than Time Machine related. I have the file sharing turned on in Mac OS 10.5.2. I am able to select Mac Pro in Finder on each MBP and then under that select my Time Machine drive. Then within Time Machine I can select the My Book as my Time Machine drive. At this point I have no problem using Time Machine.

Where the problem occurs is if I use Finder to browse other drives such as an Internal Drive I have in my MBP or my Mac Mini's drive it no longer can find the Time Machine drive. It just is like it loses sight of it somehow. All I need to do is once again go to Finder/Mac Pro and then select the specific Time Machine drive and then Time Machine is fine again.

How can I get around this? It seems i have to make some type of permanent logon or so to this drive.
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