Developer outlook for OS X?

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ok, here's my pondering. i really do love the mac. i have to admit that i am somewhat getting worn out with not being included in the "little things" that the peecee world gets. ok, i know this is lame, but whatever. i'm talking about things like features in messengers and whatnot, as well as cell phone compatibility, etc.. you know , the whole digital hub lifestyle. i am on the verge of buying a new laptop but will hold out until july mwny to finalize my decision on a powerbook or a peecee.

i guess i want to know what you all feel/see/know about the future developments for OS X that will make macs more "compatible" with all this great mobile equipment out there that is only working with windows stuff. i wanna be part of the whole digital lifestyle, without having to worry about if what i like/buy is compatible with my $3000 notebook. i know this is whiney, but please try to relate. thanks for your imput. <img src="graemlins/hmmm.gif" border="0" alt="[Hmmm]" />


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    dwsdws Posts: 108member
    You're right, guilty, you are being lame!

    The simple reality of life is that if you choose a minority platform, you're going to miss out on some of (what you call) features. Creators of small, niche, devices will write drivers for WinXP first; and only other operating systems later - sometimes never. There is no escaping this.

    Does this mean you should abandon the Mac you claim to love so much? Of course not; because along with all the equipment you might be able to use, you get the flaky operating system and unsavory business practices that embodies all that Microsoft is. Remember... They will offer devices/software only if it serves their corporate interests. And each offering comes with a high price; like the loss of personal privacy and choice.

    As a Cocoa developer, I can tell you that what you will eventually get with the new Apple operating system will amaze and astound you in the coming years. There will be devices and software available for the Mac that cannot and will never run on WinXP. They will enhance your life in ways that you would not believe possible. Some might argue against Apple's devotion to the ideal of the creative individual, but to have a company have this as their corporate mission is an incredible thing. Not being able to use a particular cell phone's contact software (because the company refuses to write drivers/software for the Mac) is a small price to pay for the eventual gains.

    Will all of this happen tomorrow. No. Apple has grand plans, but they will take much more time to implement than many would like. They do have to make money along the way, after all. I admit to frustration with developing software for a new operating system, a process that can be alarmingly chaotic; but my experiences have shown me that Apple has incredible things planned for the future.

    Stick around a while. I think you'll be glad you did!

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    hmurchisonhmurchison Posts: 12,230member
    Man don't do it! I've built two PC's in the last year and a half and while I like having the compatability and all..I find that most of these "features" that everyone brags about all have their quirks. My Windows 2000 system kicks up errors all the time with not one hint as to how I fix them. My mothers Gateway 1 Gigahertz system is dreadfully slow with XP and apps are constantly crashing and all.

    Let the market fix itself...I don't think we're ready yet for Cell Phones hooking up to the computer and Microsoft still has a ways to go. I think you'll like OSX 10.2 and really Apple is where the trend is. PC's will give you nothing more than SPECS to brag about right now and USB 2.0...yawn.

    I don't regret building my PC's....they have let me know and realize why I PREFER Macintosh Computer and have actually solidified my views.
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    From DWS

    As a Cocoa developer, I can tell you that what you will eventually get with the new Apple operating system will amaze and astound you in the coming years.

    From EATME

    I agree with dws, cocoa is just coming out of the gates from apple (been around under NeXT which never really took off) and there are going to be loads of apps from small developers that previously on other systems would require dozens of developers. over the long haul, cocoa is a great developer platform and we'll see great things to come (look at chimera, watson, and other apps). lastly, a lot of sun and linux developers are also migrating to OS X for cocoa development. They need to get EOF back but that is another matter that will hopefully be addressed......
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