Office 2008 Key Codes

in Mac Software edited January 2014
Does the new office have the same 1 time use code as the windows version of office?

I'd like to install office 08 on my PB, but don't want to risk having to buy a new version once I get a new MBP later this year.



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    Yes, mine came with 3 codes.
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    Originally Posted by southerndoc View Post

    Yes, mine came with 3 codes.

    Thanks...mine only has 1 code. It's the regular version not the Student teacher version which did come with three on my office 2004. Even then I was able to install it several times more than 3.
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    Yea, I *think* (I'm no lawyer or expert) that Microsoft allows you to install Office on one desktop and one portable computer so long as you don't use the program at the same time.
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