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I have a slight problem.

I have just bought an Apple TV and am trying to update the software. My network setup is preventing me from doing so however, as I have a PPTP connection to my computer.

I'll do a bit of a diagram to make it clear:

Internet -----> Wireless Router --(wireless)--> my Laptop. (Via PPTP)

Wireless Router ----> AppleTV

Apple TV and iTunes work ok together, but there is no direct internet connection for the Apple TV

Maybe you can see the problem here - my internet connection is going into my computer whereas the Apple TV is connected to everything else one step back in the chain via the wireless router. iTunes works fines with the everything, however the AppleTV says it must be directly connected to the intertnet to update the software.

How do I do this? I'm sure if I played around enough or brought a crossover cable I'd be in business, but does anyone have any bright ideas for how to do this? Can I download offline and do it that way?


P.S. Wireless router is el budgo model not capable of multiple SSID's. I have thought of that one already.
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