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Ok, I have a little Dilemma. I use AIM as my IM app and there is a feature that I use called 'privacy' and what it does is block every person who is not on your buddy list. So the people who are on you buddy list are the only people who can ever talk to you. Now, I know of three IM clients - Official AIM Client, Fire, Proteus. Now, so far that I know of the Offical AIM Client only has this feature. I don't think Fire has it and Proteus has 'Ignore' but that isn't the same. Are there any other clients besides those three that have this feature? Because the official aim client isn't very good. Thanks.


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    Aaahh! You missed the best AIM client for OSX!!

    <a href=""; target="_blank">Adium</a>

    Here's a snapshot of the feature you just asked for:

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    Whoa! Awesome! Thanks so much! This is so great
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    By the way, some people have gone out of their way to make Adium even nicer to use. There are several replacement Dock icons at <a href=""; target="_blank">xicons</a> (Adiumy, Adiumoticon, AdiumOS, Andium, Orange Bird). I use an MSOffice-style icon I got from a guy at MacNN that looks like this:

    Also, I've made my own replacement set of smileys because I hated those sickly green ones. Though, it requires "brute force installation" because Adam doesn't have an option for smiley "sets" yet. You can download it <a href=""; target="_blank">here</a>.

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    sorry, thought you missed the Ignore in Proteus.

    I now see you didn't


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