Sharing your internet connection with yourself?

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Yeah, sounds weird, but here's my dilemma...

I want to network my mac to my ps3 to access my media files, but it appears the PS3 requires an internet connection to network. So, I have my mac share it's wireless internet connection with my ps3 over ethernet.

I should have a gigabit to gigabit connection between my mac and ps3, but things are running slow making me suspect that the slow wireless router Access Point is involved.

If possible I would like my mac to act as a router, handing out IPs to my PS3 and itself.

Is this possible?


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    MarvinMarvin Posts: 15,179moderator
    If your setup is:

    modem -> wireless router -> Mac -> PS3 via ethernet

    and you want:

    modem -> Mac via ethernet -> PS3 via ethernet, you won't have enough ethernet ports and I don't think the PS3 has firewire, which you can use for networking.

    If your Mac has no trouble with speed then the issue has to be between the Mac and PS3. If the Mac also has trouble with speed then maybe try changing your encryption type if you have it turned on or temporarily turn it off altogether to see if it makes a difference.
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    So your Mac gets its internet from the Airport... good. Now set the Mac to share it's internet connection over ethernet.

    Now you should be able to connect the PS3 to the Mac via ethernet and the PS3 has no way of knowing if that signal is coming directly from a Cablemodem, from a Router, or from another computer. It should just work.

    Now, if you had the PS3 previously set up for a WiFi connection, You'll have to go into the PS3 settings and disable WiFi and ENABLE ethernet.

    My PS3 connects just fine through a 10/100 router. And it (of course) streams video from the iMac MUCH better that way than over WiFi.
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